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We Know How Difficult Getting Started Can Be

Let me inspire and demonstrate to you my creative ideas and together we can create curtains fit for your home.

Our Curtains

There are many styles of curtains this is usually with the headings.  Pencil pleat is the most popular, this style is created by different pencil pleat sizes for example 3” or 2” tape.  I can also put a frill above the tape and you can see this on my Facebook page and also website.  I have put these curtains in my dining room.  They are a real show stopper!

Goblet heading is a beautiful way of dressing a window if you’re looking for a more formal look. The goblet pleat resembles a wine glass, I usually trim with a covered button to finish the look.   A home with high ceilings are a perfect suiter with goblet headings.  I place wading inside the goblet heading so that it keeps its shape perfectly.   I have a sample of this in my office for you to have a look.

Box pleat look fantastic and give a tailored look and drape into deep folds down the full length of the curtains.  I have a sample that I have made in my office for you to look at.  This style look fantastic in lounges, dining rooms and studies.

Pinch and tailored pleat give a beautiful decorative finish at the top.  They work well with most fabrics.  There are five types of pinch pleating.  I have examples to show you in my office.  They range from 2 finger pleats up to 5 finger pleats.  With more pleats, the size and fullness of the pleat increases, and so does the fullness of the curtain.

Creating Your Style

Take advantage of my 20 years experience in handmade curtain design. Allow me to take your inspiration and make it your reality.

Planning Your Design

I listen closely to all my clients requirements and work tirelessly to ensure the finished product is exactly what you envisaged right at the outset.

Let Me Help

Right from the outset we’ll help you pick the design that will suit your window whilst meeting your expectations and design tastes. Let me guide you from the design process right through to fitting. Not only will we guide you through the entire creative process that is making your handmade curtains, we can arrange to visit your home and install them for you.

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More about my designs

Handmade Luxury by Karen

My name is Karen from Mansfield, I’ve been making curtains for over 20 years.

I attended the British Curtain Academy to specialise in a number of design ideas which will transform you home with:

  • Bespoke curtains and blinds
  • Interlined curtains for added warmth and luxury
  • Pencil pleat
  • Double and triple pleat
  • Goblet heading
  • Cartridge heading


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